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Dave Sabino, CPA

Sabino & Company LLC was established in 1998 by CPA and business advisor Dave Sabino. Having been associated with several national, regional, and local public accounting firms curing his career, Dave made the decision to start his own practice, which now in 2023, is entering it's 25th year.

Much has changed over the last 25 years, in terms of the tax and business environment in which the firm operates, but our philosophy of technical expertise and a focus on a superior level of client service has remailed the same. Because we are our client's most trusted business advisers, we know that we must exceed their expectations, and so, that is what we set out to do every day.

Although the industries we serve, as well as the size and needs of our client base vary, the approach to how we serve our clients remains consistently the same and combines our hands-on business experience with high-level accounting, tax, and business consulting practice to develop solutions for high net worth individuals and privately held businesses in the greater St. Louis area and beyond.

In 2021, Bryan Harris, CPA, joined Dave Sabino, CPA, as a partner in the firm Dave started in 1998. Bryan brought with him 20 years of public accounting experience which focused on tax and business consulting and complience services to a diverse client base, but also similarly focused on the same high level of client service and technical expertise.

Today, the firm consists of a dedicated group of approximately 10 CPAs and other business professionals.

Clients view Dave, Bryan, and their team as not only their CPA firm, but, more importantly, as their trusted business advisers. Whether you are an individual or a stakeholder in a privately held business, Sabino & Company is a team of CPAs helping our clients feel a greater sense of control over their accounting and tax matters. We're large enough to offer the expertise you need, but small enough to offer one-on-one customized services and solutions dependent upon the needs of each client.

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